Rann Utsav Activities and Facilities

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Rann utsav is perfect place to spend time with family. Here we can find lots of Activities which all are full of fun.

We Can enjoy there our time with friends as well. Plan this Destination and Enjoy all the following Activities:

  1. Para motoring (Motor Paragliding)
  2. ATV motor Biking
  3. Hot Air Balloon
  4. Kite Festival
  5. Photography
  6. Full Night Moon
  7. Camel riding
  8. Swiss tent life
  9. Cultural Nights
  10. Shopping
  11. Games zone
  12. White Rann of Kutch & sight seens
  13. Trikke
  14. Star Grazing
  15. Club House
  16. Golf craft

And many more which is limit less fun full.

  1. Para motoring (Motor Paragliding)
  2. You can enjoy this on the Hight on 500ft.

    This a life time experience which you can enjoy here @ Rann Utsav. Motor Paragliding. You Can feel yourself as bird and can breathe in open sky. You Can also enjoy the bird eyes view of White Rann Of Kutch. You can imagine how Beautiful it is looking.

  3. ATV motor Biking
  4. Enjoy ATV motor biking in white ran of kutch & get the experience of speed.


  5. Hot Air Balloon
  6. Enjoy Hot air balloon and view the White Rann from the Sky. Have an Experience of Height.


  7. Kite Festival
  8. One of the most famous festival of RANN UTSAV. This is the one activity which most loved by visitor here. they Enjoy with big kite in the sky with their name.Enjoy this Festival Activities on the occasion of Kite Festival.


  9. Photography
  10. Enjoy the Photography with lots of colors of kutch. Best place for Photography Activities at Rann utsav.


  11. Full Night Moon
  12. Full Moon night is the best night of White Rann. You can see the real beauty of nature and can enjoy the heaven on earth. The whole White ran Shine like diamond.


  13. Camel riding
  14. Enjoy the Camel Riding with lots of fun…and you can enjoy the White ran of Kutch on A beautifully decorated Camel.


  15. Swiss tent life
  16. Have cup of tea in the Beautiful Morning in the Swiss Tent and enjoy the Hot environment in the Night with a heater in your tent. You with remember this time always in your life.


  17. Cultural Nights
  18. Every evening you can enjoy the cultural night with the amazing and melodious music of Kutch Zone with some very wonderful sounding instruments. It will a great experience for this tour.


  19. Shopping
  20. You can buy lots of new and handicrafts designs for you wear or for decorations both. its looks amazing with its colors and arts and handicrafts works.


  21. Games zone
  22. This a game zone to had fun for your Kids. Where they can play and make busy their self and cn enjoy this carnival more.


  23. White Rann of Kutch & sight seens
  24. We can enjoy lots of near villages to enjoy the Art & their life style too. Lots of beautiful place nearby Rann Utsav.


  25. Trikke
  26. Enjoy Trikke on a path here in rann utsav with a new experience. Book it on rent and enjoy it.


  27. Star Grazing
  28. Enjoy this beautiful night full of Stars in the sky watch it with Star Grazing view. the most Favorite Activity for Nature lovers. Enjoy this romantic night with your Couple.


  29. Club House
  30. Enjoy Club house with lots of Good Activities which will give you a fun at rann utsav. Snooker, Chess, Table Tennis and many more games with A coffee house.


  31. Golf craft
  32. Enjoy Golf Craft Activities @ ran utsv nd make your trip memorable with this Activity.

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